2 May 2016

Bullet Time Photo Booth app settings


1. Determine the function of your iPad. Only one iPad can be ‘master’, the rest must be in ‘slave’ mode. All iPads should be on the same network.
2. If you want the master iPad to trigger the session, but not take pictures, uncheck this box. If disabled, you can still use it for e-mail sharing.
3. Connect your iPad to the master.
4. Shows whether the slave is connected to the master.
5. See which iPad is connected (only visible on the master).
6. Adjust the speed of the animation here.
7. Adjust the quality of the output. Some mail servers will not send files over 15mb. Note: the output quality is also determined by the number of connected iPads and the speed of the animation.
8. See if the master iPad is connected to the ‘Printserver’ program. This function will transfer the animated files to the computer. It will not print the files, yet.
9. Fill the ip adress of your computer. You can see this number in your printserver program, that you can download here.

1. Enable sharing via e-mail.
2. Default subject for e-mail, the text can be edited.
3. Default body text for email, the text can be edited.

Green screen
4. Enable green screen function, the color settings for the green screen can be edited when the booth is started.
5. A panoramic foreground or background can be added.
6. Add background file here, background could also be jpg.
7. Add foreground file here.

Output design
1. If want the output to be square, tick this box. Portrait or landscape is possible too, make sure the tablet is oriented that way.
2. Select if the output needs to be video (.mp4) or a animated gif (.gif).
3. Here you can add an overlay to your photo. Use multitouch to control the position and size of the logo. Curious how to get the logo on the iPad? Find out here.

Session design
1. Select which phase screen to edit.
2. Fill in the in-session text here
3. Choose the front or the back camera.
4. The number of seconds that the photo booth counts down for every photo.
5. Enable beep sounds during the countdown.
6. Trigger slave iPads via audio jack instead of wifi.
7. Make sure you purchase an activation code. Then the app will disable the 20 minute reset.
Fill this box with you activation code. Make sure you are connected to the internet, and click ‘connect’.

1. Start booth.
2. Align photos. This function will take a testphoto on all the ipads at the same time. It will than give the opportunity to manually align the photos by showing 2 at the time both Try to align the ipads by using the grid before using this function.
3. Click on the square to pick the color of the green screen from the background. The red circle can be moved across the screen to take the color from the background.
4. The color can also be changed manually.
5. For all below functions either the slider can be used or a fixed number given in the box.
6. Change the color tolerance here (hue).
7. Change the brightness tolerance here (lightness) – with much shadow this tolerance should be higher.
8. If the back camera was selected the focus can be chosen here.
9. Set shutter speed here.
10. Set ISO here.
11. Set temperature here.
12. Set tint here.