29 February 2016

Slideshow Photo Booth app settings

Return to the settings when you are in a session is easy. Just restart the app to enter the settings again

1. Choose which function is activated.
2. iPad only – the photos are stored on the iPad
3. iPad and Printer – connects the iPad locally to a computer via the router. Use the Windows Printserver to connect to a computer.
4. The Windows printserver will display the IP of your computer. Fill in this IP, click connect and you are good to go
5. Click to start Booth, this button will be visible throughout the whole settings menu.

6. Choose a layout that will be cut by the printer 4×6″ 2up (photo strip).
7. Choose a layout that will be printed as a 4×6″ print.
8. Here you can add an overlay to your photo
9. Here you can add an overlay to your video. You can find Photoshop templates for this here.
10. Choose the number of bouncy repetitions for the bouncy gif (max. 20 times)
11. Choose the duration of the bouncy gif (max. 5 seconds)
12. Choose the duration of the video (max. 30 seconds)

21. Choose for which phase you want to edit the text. Every piece of text from the frontend of the app can be customized.

  • Phase 1 – The homescreen for a new session
  • Phase 2 – Text above the countdown
  • Phase 3 – Text in between photos
  • Phase 4 – Instructions for the quote cards + example text
  • Phase 5 – Share options
  • Phase 6 – Screen at the end of the session
  • Popups – popups for error messages

22. Change the text here.

Enable email (Google account/Gmail).
24. Enable sms (uses Messagebird).
25. Upload the images from the iPad to Smugmug. If ‘delete images from iPad after upload’ is enabled, all pictures on the iPad will be removed after uploading them to Smugmug.
26. Set the subject for the e-mail.
27. Set the body text that is being sent with the email.
28. Choose the file type for the text with the sms. Videos take longer to upload, and will therefore take longer to be available. That’s why you can customize this.
29. Enter the message that is being sent with the sms.
30. Set the number of seconds for countdown.
31. Enable/disable beep sounds for the countdown.

33. Set the ‘Set exposure’ to automatic of manual.
34. Set the ‘Set white balance’ to automatic of manual.
35. Set the ‘shutter speed’ here, or use the slider.
36. Set the ‘iso’ here, or use the slider.
37. Set the ‘color temparature’ here, or use the slider.
38. Set the ‘tint’ here, or use the slider.

39. Use this setting to go back to the ‘live view settings’ screen.
40. When you enable a function in the backend settings, a block (e.g. ‘Take photos’) will appear or disappear.